Positive effects

The benefit of the oriental dances
The oriental dance is recognized today as useful because of two reasons:
Physical aspect

Conversely to the conventional opinion the oriental dance is not restricted to
movements in the haunch. It is specially adapted for the female body, because
litheness and tone in the bust, shoulders, arms and the haunch, but mainly in the
stomach are necessary, because the stomach muscles work extensive, paint the line,
envelop the inner organs and improve the intestinal canal. The dance allows the tone
of the thighs to be increased, the joints to become more flexible, contributes the fight
against the osteoporoses.

Psychological aspect

The dance develops the confidence of the man in himself, realization of his abilities,
improves the memory (thanks to the choreographies), develops the womanhood and
the exceeding of the possibilities.
This is an extraordinary rich dance based on the work of the muscles and isolation of
each part of the body and this allows each man, regardless of his age and views, to
develop physically his body while he learns to dance amusingly and nicely.
The oriental dancing woman has right to be well-covered; the well-covered shapes
are not important, but the litheness, the elegance and the sensuality, which she can
bring in the dance.