Invitation for participation

 For your successful parties or special evenings in prestigious settings and exquisite atmosphere,
 Milka-Mimi a professional solo dancer of oriental dances offers unique performances throughout Switzerland and Europe.
Do not hesitate to write to her in one of the herein listed eight languages ​​(English, French, Italian, German, Turkish, Russian, Serbian, and Bulgarian) to make a reservation for your show tonight.



New Year Celebrations

Bar Mitzvah and Syunet

Gala Dinners

Company Parties / Thematic Parties

 Events Organization in Hotels and Restaurants



Opening of Companies and Boutiques


How does the show go on:

The duration of an oriental dance performance is from 10 to 25 minutes.

It includes 2 or 3 appearances on the stage, different themes, according to your preference and change of the costumes for each choreography. The performance may be changed depending on how the evening goes.

The fee of the dancer depends on the show, the number of appearances on stage and the place of the performance.